April 8, 2012

Started OKAPI News Blog

Welcome, OKAPI developers!

We will start this blog with listing all features added in the last three monts (if you haven't browsed OKAPI documentation pages thoroughly, you might have skipped some):
  • Added Garmin cache list formatter, designed to work specifically with Garmin GPS devices. Currently it allows to download a Garmin-compatible ZIP file with cache descriptions and photos.
  • GPX files now may include information on trackables and recommendations (as do geocache objects).
  • Added my_notes field to geocache objects (Level 3). It can be used to access user's personal notes on the cache.
  • Added alt_wpts field to geocache objects - alternate waypoints which might be useful when searching for the cache.
  • Added distance and bearing fields to geocache objects. Useful if you're not sure how to calculate them yourself.
  • Added pagination and ordering to cache searching methods.
  • Added pagination to cache's log entries list.
  • (!) Added the replicate module. It allows you to replicate (and easily keep up-to-date) the entire database of caches and log entries.
All of these features are available in the newest OKAPI revision (r323). Keep in mind, that not all installations have the newest version of OKAPI installed.