April 30, 2013

Welcome, OKAPI Germany!

Finally, after almost two years since its launch, OKAPI has been installed on Opencaching.DE! We encourage the developers of all existing OKAPI applications to add this new node to their apps.
Also, there were many new features added since the beginning of this year (r776):
  • You can now submit Will attend and Attended log entries (for the Event caches).
  • Added the mark method (for marking the caches as watched or ignored).
  • Added attribution_append parameter to the geocache method.
  • Added log_fields parameter to the geocache method.
  • Added descrefs:thumblinks option to the images parameter of the gpx formatter method.
  • Added many new fields to the geocache method:
    • willattends,
    • trip_time,
    • trip_distance,
    • preview_image,
    • attribution_note,
    • country,
    • state,
    • is_watched,
    • is_ignored.
  • Added type and type_name keys to the descriptions of additional waypoints returned in the alt_wpts field of the geocache method.
  • Added watched_only parameter to the searching methods.
  • Added new fields to the log entry method: was_recommended, images, internal_id.
  • Added comment_format parameter to the submit method.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and clarified documentation in all the existing methods.