October 31, 2013

The attrs module and other new features

Some of the new OKAPI features added over the last months (r776-r896):

  • Introducing the new attrs module.
    • It allows you to retrieve attribute names and descriptions along with basic icons (provided by the local OC server).
      • See the attribute method for the full list of available data fields.
      • List all available attributes with the attribute_index method.
    • OKAPI uses global attribute IDs called A-codes to reference attributes. Attribute names and descriptions are also global (we store them in our repository). You're welcome to send us translations for your language.
    • By "global" we mean that they are shared between all OKAPI installations. A single A-code refers to exactly the same attribute on OCPL, OCDE or any other installation.
  • New fields in the geocache method: gc_code, hint2, hints2, attr_acodes, protection_areas.
  • The hint and hints fields of the geocache method are now deprecated (why?).
  • The attrs parameter of the gpx formatter can now support multiple options (instead of just one). Also, two new values for this parameter were added: gc:attrs and gc_ocde:attrs.
  • New protection_areas parameter was added to the gpx formatter.
  • oc_team_entry field added to the logs/entry family of methods.