September 23, 2015

Somewhat delayed OKAPI news!

It has been a while since the last post has been published here. OKAPI is as "alive" as it has ever been, but the blog is not being updated regularilly, sorry about that!

Here's what has changed in the last two years (!) - sinrce version 896 up to 1116 (7622a48):

  • OKAPI Project home page has moved from Google Code to GitHub. Since we're using Git now, our SVN-like revision numbers are no longer "real" revision numbers. However, for readability and backward compatibility, we're keeping the "legacy" version sequencing intact. The only difference is that we're now calling them "OKAPI version numbers" instead of "OKAPI revisions". Two new fields has been added to the services/apisrv/installation method: okapi_version_number and git_revision.
  • New fields in the geocache method: short_description and short_descriptions.
  • New save_personal_notes method has been added. Also, the GPX formatter now may take the my_notes=gc:personal_note parameter.
  • New GGZ formatter has been added. You can also use it with the older garmin formatter by providing the caches_format parameter.
  • The has been removed from the official list OKAPI installations. It still works, but it has not been updated in years, and we cannot get in touch with its admin.
  • New OC+OKAPI installation is "live":
  • New search parameters supported: powertrail_only and powertrail_ids (only on some OC sites).
  • Basic support for user-supplied "custom" coordinates (only on some OC sites): See location_source parameter of nearest and bbox methods, location_source_prefix of GPX formatter, and new user-coords alt_wpts type.